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Переход с XOOPS 2.0.x JP на XOOPS Cube

Welcome to "The Migration Guide for XOOPS2JP Users".

XOOPS Cube Legacy is the package which has compatibility with XOOPS2 JP. But, the control panel you are accessing now has been remaked. Some concepts were changed. You may not be able to install modules, because you aren't good at Cube Legacy yet.

This migration guide lets you from XOOPS2 JP to XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1. Do learn Cube Legacy with this help and other helps.


Where did the pop-up menu go?

The pop-up menu said good-bye. The default admin theme of XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 doesn't have the pop-up menu. All of menu is showed in the side menu. You can open and close a menu of each modules by clicking [+] icon or [-] icon. Yes, you don't need to move your mouse carefully to move the cursor on the pop-up layer.

How to find the menu

Menu of XOOPS2 JP has been divided to some modules. You may use ActionSearch while you aren't good at Cube Legacy. By ActionSearch, you can search the keyword you input, from menu of the control panel and help. Try inputting 'User', you will get some menu about user management.

How to use List Table

Most of the pages which has item list has been changed to unified List Table UI.

  • To control sorting, click the arrow icon. It changes the sort field, and ASC or DESC. Do try it!
  • To flip pages, use the page navigator. You can use it at most list table.
  • To edit or delete item, click each icons in the control field, which is in the most right column.
  • To create new item, click the 'Create new' link, which is on the top of the table.

All of tables doesn't work these functions. Do read each help or tips for more informations.


In Multi-Byte language, you have to set up MySQL correctly. If you haven't done it, the sort function may not work correctly for MultiByte field. For more informations, go to the official site of MySQL.


How to select the theme

'Theme management' is good for you. Or, you may select it in the preference.

How to install module

The module management in Cube Legacy lists installed modules only. To install new modules, you have to visit the 'Install module'.

How to switch the visible flag of blocks

The concept of blocks is one of the most changed features from XOOPS2 JP. At first, you have to know that blocks have gotten 'Install' and 'Uninstall'. When you install new modules, new blocks of the module are listed in the uninstalled block list.

Also, the custom block has the concept of install. To create your custom block, click the 'Add Custom Block' link in 'Install block'.

Blocks are deleted if you uninstall them. You can install them again anytime. To delete your custom block, you need to make it uninstalled once. Next, delete it in 'Install block'. Blocks of the module are deleted when you uninstall the module.

How to send mail or PM to many users

That's changed all. And, that became more useful. (Developes think so. How do you think?)

Well, you can send mail in 'Mailjob management'. The mailjob is new concept in Cube Legacy. A mailjob has the mail body and the send list. At first, you have to make the send list by the 'Search users'.

  1. Search users to list users which you want to send mail to.
  2. If you get the result you hope, click the 'Send mail by this condition' link, which is on the top of the table.
  3. Write the subject and the body, and select Mail or PM.
  4. After you finish it, the mailjob item is created and listed in the 'Mailjob management'.
  5. Click a name of the mailjob to send mails. Of course, you can keep the mailjob un-send.

For more informations, let's read the help of the user module.

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